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April 2017

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Link post + thoughts about dialogue

This post is serving two functions: first, for my co-conspirators, the participants in the Bloggers’ Library-Loving Challenge. When you’ve posted your challenge message, leave the link here. I will compile these and include all the links in my challenge message on 3/26. If you are participating by hosting a challenge, please leave your link in a comment below, and thank you!

Second, I've been thinking about dialogue, thanks to Author2Author. My favorite idea about dialogue this week is the notion of layers: the characters are saying words on the surface, but those words impart more than literal information.  There's some conflict underneath that doesn't have to be explicit and literal in the characters' words, but rather evolves more subtly through the speakers' interaction.  What the characters want from one another isn't necessarily what they say they want.  Anyway, I've quite enjoyed chewing on this idea and thinking of how to apply it!

Check in on this blog tomorrow to see how you can help local libraries--just by leaving blog comments!


My link is up here: http://susanwrites.livejournal.com/212144.html

Here's hoping we all reach all limits!

Okay, I upped my donation amount and my limit. I posted about it to the CW list, and several other listservs as well as Twitter, etc.

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Thanks so much for participating and spreading the word! I'll be hitting your blog soon when I do my round of comments!
Yeah I haven't made my round for all the comments yet. I've been trying to get the word out. I just remembered we have a net of San Jose bloggers and I sent a note to them hoping to get some interest. I would love to hit 400 comments and pay out that $200!


Thanks for your thoughts about dialogue... you've given me more to contemplate as I experiment with presenting dialogue on the page without the use of conventional quotation marks... quite challenging - but an interesting process. If you have any tips on exploring dialogue and its presentation on the page please let me know :)
Thanks! When the excitement of the blog challenge is over, I'll think more about dialogue ...
Hello there!

My Library Loving Challenge post is up: http://jamarattigan.livejournal.com/255522.html.

Thanks for organizing this, and let's hear it for libraries!!
Thanks, Jama! I'll be over to your blog soon!
Hi, Jenn. I'm in, thanks to Melodye, with a post to benefit the library at Flying Horse Farms, a camp for children with serious illnesses. The link is here: http://saralewisholmes.blogspot.com/2009/03/library-loving-challenge-reading-and.html
Thanks so much! I'll be stopping by to comment!
I'm having fun already - I've posted my entry and visited (with comments) some of my fellow challengers. What a way to start the morning.
Thanks, Angela! I'll be swinging by soon to wring some money out of you. :-D
The I Love Libraries Bookmobile is rumbling through the LJ neighborhood. Follow it here: http://www.livejournal.com/editjournal.bml?itemid=178558
Thanks so much for participating and spreading the word!

Library-Loving Challenge

Thanks for coming up with this idea and for coordinating it all! I'm in (with a per commenter donation, plus a book giveway) at:


Debbie Diesen

Re: Library-Loving Challenge

Thank you!
Yes, layered dialogue! I love that when the reader knows what the characters really means despite what they say.... Good thoughts!
Thanks! You guys at A2A got me thinking about dialogue--plus my WIP is dialogue-heavy.
I'm in: http://kurtisscaletta.com/home/?p=1080

Note that I have a question that commenters ought to answer, though I'll certainly count the comment towards the total either way. :-)

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Thanks for joining in, Kurtis! I'll be stopping by soon.
Did this myself on my Facebook and Vox accounts, the latter of which crossposts to LJ. They all count for comments!

Here: http://armchairnews.vox.com/library/post/make-me-donate-to-libraries.html
Thanks! You're getting all multi-network: yay!
Here's my link! Go, libraries!! :) And thanks for suggesting this. :)
Thanks for participating!
Um, I forgot the link. Duh. :)

Hey - I know my second post here doesn't count, BUT I posted it on GUYS LIT WIRE as well. And Susan Taylor Brown says Betsey Bird is going to pick it up, too.
Thanks for spreading the word!
Thanks for this! I posted a snippet on AuthorsNow! Hope I did it right. ;-)


Libraries are great!

Libraries are great institutions. I will donate a quarter to my friends group for every comment addressed to my blog. I will donate a minimum of $25.00 dollars even if I do not get enough comments. Thanks very much to Jenn for initiating this promotional campaign.


Re: Libraries are great!

Thanks very much!
Sorry I'm so late to the party, Jenn. Here's a link to my post; I spun my library love a little differently because I was so behind:


I didn't ask for comments, so feel free to leave me out of your link list. I wanted you to know I was trying to spread the love, though!

Here 'tis, here's the link to my post - http://eclecticmum.livejournal.com/131889.html
I'm extending my deadline to midnight on March 31st! I really want to reach my cap. :)