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January 2017

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Out of fashion

At some point, I looked at the pants being worn by women around me and realized that they were wearing narrow-legged pants when mine were wide-legged. Or maybe it was the reverse. (I think pants have gone through a couple of cycles since I stopped paying attention.)

And I realized I had completely lost track of what was in fashion.

And then I realized I didn't care.

I never had what you would call a knack with putting together outfits, but when I was younger, I at least tried to keep up with what was in. I looked at older people and wondered why they didn't try harder to dress in style. Had they given up, or what?

Now I know, and boy can it be freeing not to care.

It really makes no sense, when you stop and think about it, that for a certain period of time we are all supposed to wear shoulder pads or miniskirts or leg warmers or cropped pants or whatever, and a year or so later, it is supposed to be the height of embarrassment to wear the exact same thing. I wish we were freer and more accepting in this arena, that our stores had more variety.

But, whatever. Somewhere along the line I started paying more attention to other things in life. I'm now old enough that I have seen many, many phases pass (tech fads, food fads, clothing fads), and I have lost interest in all this let's-rush-to-embrace-this-new-thing-now-quick-let's-drop-it-and-on-to-the-next. So I will wear my wide-legged pants one day and my narrow-legged pants the next, and I will never wear cropped pants because they don't interest me personally, and I will not judge you for wearing whatever kind of pants you want to wear, because that's your business and frankly I probably won't even notice.


I have found that having a sense of personal style, and knowing what looks good on you, is a heckuva lot better than being in fashion. Why look like everyone else?
A while ago, I decided to buy only clothes that felt good and looked good (later I added: and were easy to care for). It's still hard just to meet those criteria, and I don't always manage. But yes, "looking good" is more about finding your own personal style than matching everyone else.
Yeah, I've never had any fashion sense ;) I wear what I like, and I don't notice (or care) when others might not like it. Definitely freeing!
*Fashion-free high-five*
I can't remember ever being particularly interested in fashion. It was always more fun to make up my own ;O)

Besides, there's always that truism that everything comes into fashion at some point, so one day we'll find ourselves at fashion's giddy peak without even intending it - lol!
"I'm so fashionable I don't even know it!"
I wear clothing that is comfortable and that make me feel good. Hopefully, that coincides with me looking good, but if not, oh well.
You always look fine to me, FWIW!