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Slowing down

In keeping with my ongoing project to try not to cram so much into my life that I stop enjoying everything that's here--my "slowing down" philosophy--I liked this post by Julie Owsik Ackerman on "Giving Up Rushing for Lent." A sample: "Rushing only makes me less happy, and doesn’t get me there any faster."

Also in keeping with this, I spent the afternoon taking a walk around some spring flowers, and attending an outdoor concert. I had a list of chores I coulda-woulda-shoulda done. But the sun was shining and the flowers were blooming, and this day comes only once. No regrets!


I love this. A good reminder for all, especially on a gorgeous day like today!
Hope you enjoyed the day as well!
Well done, Jenn.
Thank you--hope you are able to stop and smell the roses too!
Hah! No roses blooming for quite a while yet. But my daffodils are a couple of inches tall! ;~)