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The joys of deletion

Today I'm the guest blogger at Lydia Sharp's blog, The Sharp Angle, where I dish about deletion and give six "common places to cut back a manuscript, should you find yours getting too wordy ..."

A sample:

"We don’t have to tell readers everything we know about our characters ... . Even when the history is directly relevant, a little mystery can be a good thing. If readers sense friction between two characters, that friction will pique their curiosity and raise the tension in the scene."


Thank you for the link to your guest post. I enjoyed reading it. You bring up some excellent points. I write short too. I think it's because I like the interaction between the characters and don't care about the "filler" as I call it. =) Have a great Friday and weekend!
Thank you!
Good tips! I always find deleting or combining characters to be tough, but you're right that it sometimes has to be done. :P
You know it went well when afterward, you have trouble rememering where the deleted material went.