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Work in progress

Before is a dream, and after is an accomplishment, but during is ... something else entirely.

I've long despaired over the ugliness of the early drafts of any writing project, but now I wonder why.

A haircut doesn't look so great right after the first snip.
A half-built building isn't really a building: it's a construction site.
Mid-surgery isn't a pretty time.
In its early stages, a cake is just a bowl of raw batter.
Anyone who's ever had work done on a house knows what a mess that can be in the "during" phase.

Many kinds of work proceed through preliminary phases, interim steps. Writing is just one of them.


What a great perspective! Thank you. Although now I'm craving chocolate cake batter...
If we can enjoy the batter, so much the better. (Though maybe not literally ...)
Excellent point :)
For me, writing means cultivating and practicing patience. ;-)