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But is it love?

As a Valentine's-month guest at the Teen Librarian Toolbox, I blogged on the topic "But is it love? Romance in YA Lit."

A sample:

"When writing romantic story lines, I like to differentiate between the various shades of infatuation, obsession, lust, and love. It’s easy to mistake one for another, and it can be especially confusing for people who are dealing with these emotions for the first time. ..."

Feel free to hop over there and check it out. I also made several book recommendations, because I live to increase the height of to-be-read piles everywhere.


Are you an RWA member, by chance?
Nope. I've considered joining, especially when they started the YA subgroup. But I haven't done so yet.

I think there is a certain category of romance where a happy ending is expected, and I understand that, but to say that *all* romance must end happily? That I don't agree with.
I was going to write a comment back, but it's easier to just do this:

Yeah, I had seen that, which is why I gave you my opinion on the happy ending issue. :)