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April 2017

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TNTB cover1

What's going on

Today I bring you a couple of announcements, and a vignette:

If you're in the Philadelphia area, you may want to check out the African-American Children's Book Fair this Saturday, Feb. 9, 1-3 PM in the Community College of Philadelphia gym. It's free, open to the public, and the featured authors are listed at the link. (Thanks to Finding Wonderland for alerting me to this event in my own region!)

In other news, today appears to be the launch day for the German version of Try Not to Breathe, titled Atme Nicht. I share it here just because I find it interesting to see how covers get reinterpreted in different editions:

atme nicht
I like how they used some of the images from the book. Anyway, if you're in Germany, check it out! ;-)

Finally, for your amusement, a scene from the writer's room:

Cat (not actually saying this, but acting it out with emphatic body language and vocal pleas ranging from adorable mews to annoying yowls): Come play with me! Come play String!

[String is a game in which a human minion waves, dangles, and drags a string for the feline master to pounce upon. It is SO MUCH FUN  and HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, judging by the frequency with which a particular cat of my acquaintance asks to play it.]

Writer: I can't. I'm working.

Cat: But if I can't play String, I may die.

Writer: I doubt that.

Cat: You really want to risk it?

Writer: I'm getting enough drama from my manuscript, thank you.

Cat: You are a great trial to me.


Love the German cover!
Our cat likes to play with string too. =)

Our previous cat had no interest in chasing string or balls. Our current cat more than makes up for that!
It's quite clever of cats to figure out that walk-in-front-of-the-screen trick!

for the German release! Very cool.

re: cat whinery--mine do the same. For Endy, it's STRING! For Roxie, it's FEATHER! For Sadie, it's BALL!!

At least I have a variety of ways to serve my feline mistresses.
Thank you for the sparkles!

You just know there's a cat version of Facebook somewhere, and they're trading tips on Games to Make Your Human Play.