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April 2017

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Tips for Drafting

Stare at the wall as often as necessary.
Listen to the character, not all the critical voices in your head.
Try something new.
Let yourself feel.
Be patient.
Have fun with it.

YMMV. Feel free to disregard any or all tips at any time.


I have mastered "expert level" with the first thing on the list. :D
That's good, because a half-hearted wall stare just doesn't get the job done!
Staring at the wall is absolutely essential.
Yes! I also have a window. That works, too.
Excellent tips. "Listen to the character" is interesting-- I always say "listen to the story" (even had a blog called "Listening to Stories" once) and now I wonder if that's a difference between character-driven writers and plot-driven ones.

I don't know, but I always say, "Whatever works." :-)
I never listen to the critical voices in my head. Maybe that's because there ARE none. Mine just skip around twirling batons and ribbons, singing silly songs.

Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't admit that out loud.
It sounds like FUN inside your brain! :-D I suppose I should expect that of the Sparkle Queen ...
Huh. Those look suspiciously like my tips for revising. :)
I bet they work for revising, too! They may even work for cleaning the house, for all I know. ;-)
Nothing works for cleaning the house.
Good, now I don't even have to try! ;-D
I really, really love this advice. Thank you! I'm saving it to re-read.
Thank you!
Excellent points, all!

Re: #1: I'm painfully familiar with the intricate pattern on my wallpaper. I could probably draw it by heart! :)

#2 is the one I have to remind myself about most often.
That wallpaper should end up in a book someday!
Last night I stared at the moon while walking the dog and was struck by a short story idea. By the time we'd meandered back to the house, I'd worked out the opening as well as most of the plot in my head. I flung open the door, released the hound and scribbled in my notebook for over 500 words. Happy happy me!
Lunar-induced lyricism. I love it.