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April 2017

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Words fill an empty page (or nowadays, a screen). Writing is about finding a voice and speaking.

Yet sometimes, silence feels right. The silence of contemplation, or planning. The silence of not knowing what comes next--or knowing but not being sure yet how to describe it. There are other silences, too: The silence that follows a major scene. The silence of a character who is about to face her biggest challenge. The silence of contentment, sorrow, puzzlement, anger, longing.

Silence is a rest in music, a pause in an actor's speech. It's the white space between scenes and chapters, the space that counts as much as any sentence or paragraph. Sometimes it's waiting to write the next words. Sometimes it's acknowledging our inadequacy in the face of things that are bigger than words. Sometimes it's the emptiness of having poured everything out, and waiting for the pitcher to refill.


Lovely. Truly.

When are you going to write a craft book, Jenn? I think you'd write a kick-ass one.
Sometimes I think about it. For the moment, I'm enjoying just blogging one idea at a time.

But thank you. :-)
I remember when I was learning therapy many moons ago I HATED silence in the room. I thought I or the client had to be talking every minute. Two seconds of silence felt like ten minutes. Now? I see and KNOW the importance of silence. I have no problems sitting with it. It is one of the hardest skills to develop as a psychologist...that sitting in silence, interpreting it, letting it settle in the room. I had to learn it as a writer as well. I need to let my characters breathe, sit in silence.

There is so much said in silence. You don't learn that until you sit with it and listen.
Such a perfect example of the importance of silence!


I find that enjoying the quiet of the outdoors or my own thoughts each day is helping me to be more productive as a writer.
Andrea Mack, www.andrea-mack.blogspot.com
It's that way for me, too. Hiking seems to help, somehow.
This makes me think of what is going on in my writing, most especially with my blog. Have I poured out what I've had to say there?
For me, blogging is like warming up, an appetizer, priming the pump. It adds to my writing life rather than taking anything away. But I've heard that some people find blogging to detract from their main writing, so I think it's something each individual has to decide.
I love the sound of silence.
Excellent post, Jenn.
Thank you. :-)
That is beautifully put. :)
Thank you!
Beautiful. Well said. And right on.
Thank you. May you find your own silences where you need them. :-)
Beautiful, love. Just beautiful. You get

sparkles for that.
I'm honored to be sparkle-worthy. :-)