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April 2017

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Look around

I'm not going to do a retrospective post of 2010. I've been seeing many such posts, and I'm a little dizzy with everyone's accomplishments, and with all the plans and resolutions for 2011. Looking back over the past two years, all I can say is this:

Nothing makes a year pass more slowly than having your first book scheduled to come out the following year. (So went 2009.)
Nothing makes a year pass more quickly than having your first book come out in January. (So went 2010.)

I swear, 2009 was about a hundred times longer than 2010.

At the moment, I don't want to dwell on the year that was or the new year that soon will be, but on the present. This moment, right now. I have a note on my desk that says, "Look around you," and if I do that, I see:

the rumpled quilt on the bed
the photograph of tulips that hangs on my wall
a December night sky, purpley-black with a single star glowing
snow gleaming on the ground
the blue cap from a bottle of water drunk long ago
the brown scarf I use as a dust cover for my keyboard

What do you see?


Great post!
I see my kindle, the pile of notebooks were I make my notes. My board full of lists, the photos of my kids, a pen full of flowers. a night with no stars, dry and cold.
"board full of lists"

I have lists galore, too!
It's weird, I feel like time has passed really slowly ever since I sold a book, and I've been wondering when it'll stop! It's been two and a half years now and it's still crawling! But it's a pleasant crawl, so I'm trying to enjoy it.
(oh, and as for what I see? piles of chocolate wrappers. let's move on. )
I have piles of chocolate wrappers, too! And time slows down every time I'm waiting for a contract or a release date. ;-)
Lovely! There's a Christmas tree to my left, with glowing lights & lots of shimmering glass bulbs, and a husband playing Angry Birds on his iPhone to my right, and a big fat mug of peppermint tea in front of me. It's a good night. If only the kitty were here purring instead of upstairs! :)
Glowing tree, spouse and peppermint tea! Very nice!
I see many pillows of many colors, my faboo purse, a souvenir from last nights basketball game, my notebook with my WIP in it (open so the purple ink can breathe), my spiral notebook with the notes for my WIP, a new book I am about to read, several empty water bottles, a fake plant, and yellow walls that remind me of a baby blanket.
I love that about the ink breathing!
A picture of my son on my husband's shoulders when he was little - something his long, lean ten-year-old body could never do now


A copy of Gayle Forman's wonderful If I Stay

A box of leftover Christmas cards

A pile of wadded up tissues, courtesy of my youngest and a reminder that it 'tis the season for sniffles

Thanks for reminding us to stop and really look at the present. Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you!
I see open cardboard boxes behind me ... and am feeling a little boxed in. (I used my office to wrap gifts two nights before Christmas.)

I see three brand-new pens in my favorite colors, and a flowery notebook underneath.

I see a statue of Jesus carved from wood from Bethlehem, given to me by a dear friend and writing partner.

And I see a glazed, ceramic cup with a monkey's head sticking out from the side. It's a cup I painted for my daughter when I was pregnant with her.

Happy 2011 to you!
Happy New Year!

I must admit, these glimpses into people's writing rooms is fascinating!
I smiled at all the wisdom here. Wishing you lots more looking (and less waiting... though that truly is a wish; the part where we don't have control).
One thing that never changes in writing is the waiting!
I see:

* A lone fish cracker shaped like a whale that my kid won't let me throw out
* A half-full cup of cold coffee that needs to be microwaved
* Some dry-erase pens (mostly functional) in a Purdue University cup with an ancient Tony the Tiger sticker on the side
* A gift card I plan to blow on books
* Tiny scraps of paper littered with plot points and titles to look up at the library

I'm consciously not looking at the carpet, which needs vacuuming.
I have scraps of paper, too! And a carpet that needs vacuuming.

I love your kid's attachment to the fish cracker--such a touching detail. :-)


I see a desk cluttered with litter from the last weeks of 2010. I see my bears. I see my Jane Addams and Wild Thing dolls. I see Christine Fletcher's TEN CENTS A DANCE, which is making my stomach churn with tension.
Hee hee, my desk is cluttered with litter from ALL the weeks of 2010!


I see...

my unmade bed
a stack of books, waiting to be read
the sliver of sunlight that peeks in through my curtains
pictures of me, of my family, of my friends
the twisting, black cord curled up on my desk
and so many more things...

Re: I see...

Ah, that sliver of sunlight ...
You're right. Splat Stan cheered me up, too. :-)
I'm not at home this week, but visiting family during the Christmas break. From where I sit I see a half-dozen photos of precious grandchildren sitting on two ebony wall shelves above the couch, a white felt cutout banner of snowflakes pinned against a mocha painted wall. On the floor is the young Aussie dog, curled into his flannel-padded bed, his head resting on the edge as he watches me with crystal blue eyes. Beside me, within reach on the coffee table is a novel (Jody Hedlund's 'The Preacher's Bride') and my mug of coffee. Mmmm, coffee. Time for a sip. :) Happy New Year, Jenn.
Happy New Year to you, too!