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February 2017

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Remember our library-lovin' blog challenge? (I included the link just in case you don't!)  Nathan Bransford is currently running a similar challenge to benefit Heifer International.

Because you know I love this sort of thing, I'm joining in. I'll donate $1 per comment on my blog for the first 75 unique commenters (no 75 comments from the same person!).

You can comment here or on my Blogspot page. Anonymous comments are only accepted here at LiveJournal, and are screened until I can review them. During the challenge I will suspend my usual policy of trying to answer every comment, but I will still read every one.

ETA: This challenge is now closed. Thank you, and please hop over to the other participants' blogs to comment there!

This costs you nothing. If the spirit moves you, please do any or all of the following:
Go to Nathan's blog (I provided the link above); comment there and on the other participating blogs. Make us all donate! You have the power! ;-D If you're still inspired to do more, spread the word about this via Twitter, Facebook, and whatever magical elves you may know who spread information.

If you're looking for something to say in your comment, why not name a friend who means a lot to you? I've been thinking about my friend B. a lot, because a couple of days ago was the anniversary of her passing, and it's especially fitting for me to do this challenge right now. B. was an extremely generous person. So my challenge is in honor of her, and you're welcome to comment in honor of a friend, whether that friend is still with us or not.

Thank you!


I'm thinking about my friend JP. The last time I saw him was at Christmas, 7 years ago.

Thanks for doing this!


Hi back from Louise Curtis at twittertales.
Am thinking of my grandma and grandpa, who are missed every day, but especially at Christmas.
This is a great cause and I try to support them every year!!!!
Donate that money, chica! (I already sent my Heifer contribution this year, so I won't be participating.)
about six years ago, we agreed to buy presents for the kids and, instead of presents for each other (siblings) we'd donate to a cause. The first year, it was Heifer, International.

I've donated something to them every year since then.
Good for you! It's a great cause. :)
I'm thinking of my grandmother, who I always miss at Christmas. She donated goats & chickens in our name once.
I'm thinking about my sister who always donates to Heifer Internation in our family's name.

And about you for doing this. You rock!
Pay up! I am thinking about my mom. I just got the phone with her. She is such a wonderful woman.
I'm thinking about my grandmother that is the most gentle and good person I know.

Pimpage (Kinda Sorta): Raising Money for a Good Cause...

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I'm thinking about my dear friend Erin, who I miss very much!

This is a great idea.
I'm thinking about two friends, one who passed away a year ago, and one who wrote a book who changed my life. The second's name was Marshall Saunders, who wrote Beautiful Joe. She showed me the value of kindness when it was most needed.

Thank you for doing this :)
Wouldn't you know, I work for the American Angus Association? Yay heifers! But when it comes to Heifer International, I care not what breed they may be. good idea!
FAITH THE COW, by Susan Bame Hoover and illustrated by Maggie Sykor, is one of my kids' favorite picture books of all time. It's the story of Dan West's idea--an idea that grew into Heifer International--and the heifer cow that got him started.

I'm glad you are doing this, Jenn. And Nathan, too!
This season I'm thinking a lot about my brother, who's on his first deployment to Afghanistan, and his wife back at home.
This is a wonderful idea. I'm thinking about and missing my mom, as I always do this time of year.


Loved Your Book!

I was in attendance at the YA Author Panel session at PaLA in October and I had the good fortune of hearing you speak. I picked up your book for our library and I just finished reading it. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed and that I am looking forward to your next book.
Happy Holidays and Blessings,
(my review of your book is here, if you are interested: http://revingsblog.blogspot.com

Re: Loved Your Book!

Oh, thank you so much. And I'm extra happy that your compliment now counts toward the Heifer fundraiser! :-)
Thinking about my best friend. She's very unhappy in her family but tries to make it the best christmas for everyone, even her family. I sometimes think that just makes her even less happy on her own but every christmas I try to improve her days. It's not easy but it's worth her smile.
Love this, Jenn! So sorry to hear about your friend.. hugs.. A friend that means a lot to me? My KAC friends. Just amazing individuals. :) Can't wait to hang out in a few weeks.
I'm thinking of a friend I was close to in high school but haven't spoken to in a while. In fact, this is reminding me that I should give her a call. Thank you!
Every year, I listen to Dar Williams' "The Christians and the Pagans" because it weirdly reminds me of my grandmother. She was crazy about the holidays, and I always kinda hated them. Now I miss her, and am a great deal more decorated this time of year because of it.
Such a great cause to support!

I'm thinking a lot of my mom, who is under tremendous strain right now as my highly-intelligent grandma is dealing with debilitating paranoia (perhaps the start of dementia). I wish I was close by to help.
Thank goodness I saw your message before I signed off for the week. Jenn, I love this idea. My dad would have loved it also. He didn't have much money, but he was more than generous with his time and talent. Happy holidays!
Thank you for doing this, Jenn! Happy holidays to you and your family, and of course to all of those who are with us in memory and spirit.

Another great cause, Jenn! Happy holidays to you and your family!

Thinking about my good friend, Carin, this season, who is missed.


Nice job, Jenn!


Thank you!!

For the people who I don't know.


I'm thinking about my best friend who just finished writing her first play and had surgery yesterday. Thanks for doing this heifer challenge!


Joe Fernandez, a friend from college. He died very recently. My father, such a big part of who I am.

Thanks Jenn, for giving us all this chance!

Heifer Intl. is a wonderful charity. Thanks for doing this!

This is a great idea Jenn. Thanks for doing it.
Thank you for doing this.

I'm thinking of my friend Tam and hoping all goes well for her next year.