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April 2017

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Library-Loving Challenge 2010: Over and Out

This year’s Library-Loving Blog Challenge was so successful that I’ve had to spread the reports over three posts! This is the last one. You can see Parts 1 and 2 for more lists of donors and donations.  Here's our last list of donors:

Book Junkie’s Bookshelf: $13 plus books for Mount Horeb public library
Beth Mithen (A Writing Journey): $50 for Gilbert H. Gragg library (GA)
BonSue Brandvik (Spirits of the Belleview Biltmore): $100 for Clearwater main library (FL)
Randee Dawn (Armchair News): $80 for Jackson Heights library (NY)
Jessica Leader: $78 for Louisville free public library
Deborah Diesen (Jumping the Candlestick): $38 to the Delta Township District Library and $38 to a Weeds to Seeds apartment library
Ishta Mercurio (Musings of a Restless Mind): $62 for Brampton public library & Walnut Hills HS library
Marla Warren (Musings on Michael Crichton): $20 to Alpha Park library
Vivian (Hip Writer Mama): $100 worth of books from the Guys Lit Wire / Operation Teen Book Drop wishlists for Navajo and Apache teens

which brings our final total to $5148, plus 80 pounds (UK), plus at least $300 worth of new books, plus donations of used books and audiotapes.

On behalf of library patrons everywhere, my sincere thanks to everyone who helped in this challenge, and to the libraries that serve our communities in so many ways.


Thanks so much for hosting this! I wish I could have participated this year, but with revisions and spring break overlapping, it was just too much for me. Next year for sure.
:-) Thanks for the good wishes!
Give yourself a pat on the back for doing such an awesome job of co-ordinating and inspiring us.
De nada!
Thanks, Jenn! Can't wait to do it again next year : )
We'll see how schedules work out and how the blogosphere and social networks continue to evolve--but if the landscape looks favorable for another challenge next year, I'll be calling on you!

Thanks, Jenn!

Belated thanks to you, Jenn, for getting us all in gear for this. I'd like to participate next year as well. I'm sure the numbers will increase yet again. :)

Re: Thanks, Jenn!

I'm just glad so many of you like playing in this sandbox with me.