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March 2017

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You comment, I donate: Help a library today

This is a library-loving blog challenge!

For every commenter on this post between now and Saturday, March 27, at noon EDT, I will donate 50 cents to Cheltenham Township Libraries (PA) and 50 cents to the Free Library of Philadelphia, for the first 100 200 comments.  Update: I met my goal with 10 minutes to spare!  Thank you!!

How easy could it be? You comment, I cough up the money, the library gets a gift! If you don’t know what to say in your comment, “I love libraries” will do.

Note that my pledge is “per commenter”—so if a single person leaves 50 comments, that still only counts once! (Anonymous comments count, although they are screened until I can view them--but please leave at least a nickname or pseudonym if you use the anonymous option.) 

You can do even more by spreading the word ... please link to this post, tweet about it, and send your friends here so they can comment and raise more money.

If you’re moved to make a flat-fee donation to your library, or to start your own challenge, you are quite welcome, and please leave that information in the comments.

When you’ve left me a comment, please visit these blogs and leave them comments as well, because they are also donating to their local libraries! The more blogs you visit, the more libraries you can help! And check back, because I'll update this list as we go!


Chris Smith, author  
Judith Mercado (Pilgrim Soul) 
Margo Gremmler (Margoblog
Mary Calhoun Brown 
Kimberly Sabatini (Jess Free Falcon)
Colleen Rowan Kosinski (Writer Girl)
Holly Cupala (Tell Me a Secret)
Margie Gelbwasser 
Robin Bridges (Barefoot Contessa) 
Lisa Schroeder 
Jen Nadol (What's Up?) 
Deborah Freedman (Writes with Pictures) 
Amy Brecount White 
Janet S. Fox (Through the Wardrobe) 
Angela De Groot 
Taffy's Candy 
Hilari's Post-it Place
Sarah Mullen Gilbert (The Writing Cave) 
They Napalmed My Shrubbery This Morning 
Reflective Renewal 
C.J. Omololu 
Jessica Shea 
Book Junkie's Bookshelf
Lara Zielin 
Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup 
Beth Mithen (A Writing Journey) 
Not Enough Bookshelves 
Little Lamb Books 
Cari's Book Blog 
Disgruntled Bear 
Melissa Walker 
The Texas Sweethearts 
Alma Alexander (AlmaNews) 
C. Lee McKenzie (TheWriteGame)  
Sydney Salter  
Michelle Knudsen 
Brimful Curiosities 
The Bookworm  
Spirits of the Belleview Biltmore
Heather (Marine Corps Nomads)  
Denise Jaden 
Armchair News here
Jessica Leader 
Deborah Diesen (Jumping the Candlestick)
Musings of a Restless Mind 
Diary of a Mad Woman  
Lizann Flatt (The Flatt Perspective)  
Composing Lola
Marla Warren (Musings on Michael Crichton)
Hip Writer Mama
Julie Anne Peters 

and please thank these wonderful people when you visit their blogs!


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Hello, fearless leader! Thanks for all you do :)!
This is a fantastic idea! My son and I go to our library all the time and I'm so thankful for it!


Wonderful idea! Thank you for supporting libraries. :)



Hooray for libraries!

Such a great cause.

-Nathan Bransford
Thank you for loving libraries and good luck on your challenge.


Library challenge

Love it... With all the cut backs libraries are really hurting. Thanks Jenn great idea!


Comment for libraries

Libraries rock! Thanks for donating!

-Bridgid Gallagher


Better cough up 50 cents.

Because here's my comment.

Viva libraries.

--Furious D (http://dknowsall.blogspot.com)


Just Commenting!

I think this is a great effort! I retweeted and everything!
This is awesome! Good for all of you. I'll try to hit some of the others too :)

Yeah for libraries

Ok, here's a post. Nothing else interesting.
This is a fantastic idea! We're not allowed to donate money to our libraries, as they're state-funded, so it makes me very happy that someone can!

Thanks :D :D
Bonne idée!


Yay – go, Jennifer and go, libraries! (Thanks so much for organizing this.)
Thank you for doing this! I love libraries, especially since I don't have the $$ for books right now.
I love libraries! :)
What is your experience in donating ARCs to libraries? Do they readily accept them?
Some do, some don't. It's always good to ask before donating material to any library.
If they don't accept ARCs, you can ask them if they'd be interested in starting an "ARC swap box" where people can freely drop in and take ARCs.

Or, you might look into libraries for the incarcerated, juvenile detention, etc. They are often hurting for material, and they need soft-cover books.


Yay libraries!

Hi Jenn! I am commenting here and just joined in on my own blog. Thanks for starting this!
Mikki :)
Yay for libraries!! I will also cross-post.

Thank You

for all you are doing for libraries!
Hip, hip. hooray! It's library day!

coll : )
Wonderful idea! thank you for doing this! (came here by way of Martha Wells)
You rock for starting this!
Libraries are magical places.
I love libraries! I must be off to the library today! (My best friend used to joke that she deserved her own wing of our high school library due to how much she paid in late fees... she checked out so many books and never could get them back on time!)
This is a great idea.

Libraries are one of the few places where anybody can enrich themselves without payment in advance. The importance of libraries to a community can't be underestimated, and I applaud your desire to support them.

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