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April 2017

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Let's love some libraries

Spring is in the air, snowmen are shrinking, buds are swelling, and it has been about a year since our library-loving blog challenge. Let's do that library challenge again, shall we?

I'm planning to run the challenge from March 23-27, and so far about twenty other bloggers have agreed to join me.  But I would love to have more.  Many, many more.  Last year we raised over $1600 for local libraries, which was marvelous, and it would be marvelous if we could meet or top that this year.  Here's how it works:

If you're willing, you put up a blog post during that week (although you can pick the exact dates of your involvement, and whether you want to do a shorter timeframe or even extend past that time).  You agree to donate a certain amount of money for every comment you receive on that post by a certain date.  (You pick the amount.)  The money goes to your local library, bookmobile, or other literacy-based charity; or if your local system is already well-funded, perhaps you'd like to pick another library that needs help.  It's up to you!  You can set a cap on the donation if need be.  I will even help you write the blog posts; I try to make your workload minimal.

Ideally, you visit the other participating blogs and leave comments, thus helping them meet their challenge goals.  You spread the word to try to bring as many people as possible to the participating blogs, and to raise consciousness about our libraries.

Libraries have suffered in this economy like everyone else--budget cuts are affecting all levels of government.  But at the same time, library usage is increasing, not only because the books, tapes, DVDs, CDs, etc., are free to borrow, but because libraries provide so many other services--assisting people with job searches, for example.

If you don't have a blog, you can join the challenge by using another social network (e.g., Facebook) or by offering to make a flat donation to your library, or by commenting and spreading the word.  As Ben Bailey says on the TV game show Cash Cab: "So what do you say?  Are you in?"*

If so, please leave a comment below with your contact info, or if you want to keep your info private, email me at jennifer[at]jenniferhubbard[dot]com.  (Last year's participants: If you've already RSVPed to me about the 2010 challenge, no need to do so again.)  Aside from helping libraries, we had a lot of fun with this challenge last year.  And please spread the word that I'm currently seeking challengers to join me.  Thank you!

*Not that I'm implying that Ben Bailey is endorsing the library challenge.  But really, who doesn't love libraries?


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Oooh. Sounds like fun. Count me in -- though thinking about it, my local library is very well funded. would it be possible for me to donate to this: http://www.vrh.org.uk or would that not be in the spirit of the challenge?

Or this: http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/database/readingrecovery.html

Edited at 2010-02-22 08:30 pm (UTC)
Why not? Thanks!
I'd love to participate. Please count me in. My email is jessica(dot)spotswood(at)gmail. Thanks for hosting again!
Thanks, Jessica!


Count me in

I would like to join in the library loving challenge. You can email me at keybusinesspartners@yahoo.com.

Re: Count me in

Thanks; I'll email you more info!
Sounds a wonderful idea, count me in.

Thank you!


Great idea

I would love to participate in this library donation project. A friend and I have a blog entitled Reflective Renewal, which is a site devoted to finding meaning and inspiration in children's and young adult literature. I just posted a favorable review of your new book The Secret Year. Please check it out: http://reflectiverenewal.com/2010/02/entice-adolescent-readers-secrecy-and-social-class-divisions-this-stuff-never-gets-old/

My contact info and more info about me is there.

Re: Great idea

Welcome aboard!
And thank you for the review, although that is in no way a prerequisite to join the library challenge. :-)
It's a great idea to encourage support of local libraries but I'm not sure that I can financially get on board the challenge right now. I'll give it some thought and let you know. One way or the other, I'll certainly publicize your effort.
Please do! We need commenters and people to spread the word.
Please count me in! My email is new (dot) zielind (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!
Thank you!


I'm totally in. You can reach me at encourageliteracy@gmail.com or get to me through my website, which is encourageliteracy.com. Looking forward to seeing how far I can get!
Thanks and welcome!
As a school librarian whose job is on the line, count me in! We do way more than hand out books! I co-teach, research, lesson-plan, and tomorrow I'm judging student booktalks! I love my job and want to keep it!

Kathy M Burnette
brainlair AT gmail DOT com
Welcome aboard!
I shared this post with a whole bunch of school librarians that I know and encouraged them to follow along and participate. I hope the Challenge goes well. :-)
Thank you!
Sign me up:


What a great idea!
Thank you! I'll be in touch.
Count me in! http://cariblogs.blogspot.com/

Welcome aboard!


library challenge

I'll definitely join in with my blog hosting a challenge to raise funds for my library. Thanks.

Re: library challenge

Thank you! Please email me at jennifer[at]jenniferhubbard[dot]com so I can send you the complete info.

I'd love to help

Hi Jennifer,
I'd love to hear more about how to help out! In the meantime, I'll post a quick blog entry in the next week about it.

Re: I'd love to help

Thank you!


Library Challenge Questions

I would love to help, but will need guidance, as I am brand new to the blogging world (seriously; I've only been blogging for one week!)
* I need your help developing an appropriate blog.
*How many comments should I expect? I want to make a decent contribution, but am not that wealthy.
* In addition to responding to those who leave comments on my blog, how do I find other participating blogs so I can leave comments?
* There are 3 needy libraries in my vicinity. Is is okay to split donations between them?

Looking forward to hearing from you!- BonSue Brandvik

Re: Library Challenge Questions

I'll email you, thanks!
I would love to donate to my local library. Thanks for providing a fun and interesting way to donate!
My email is taffydotlovellatgmaildotcom.
Thank you for joining in!


Count Me In

Count me in. I can be contacted at bethmithen[at]gmail[dot]com

Re: Count Me In

Thank you!


Wow, awesome!

I'm a new reader of your blog but I'm in. My email address is deegibbons [at] gmail.com.

Re: Wow, awesome!

Welcome aboard!

library loving blog challenge

I will donate $1 for each comment between March 23rd and 27th to the Cabell County Public Library.

And I will donate $1 to an autism charity for each book sold from my web site during that same time period.

Re: library loving blog challenge

Thank you! If you send me your email address, I'll send you the template and other info.


Count me in

My nom de blog is Disgruntled Bear, and I'm happy to donate on a per-comment basis. Thanks for setting this up!


Re: Count me in

Thank you!
Count me in! I'd love the chance to help my local library!

robin at robinbridges dot com

I'm in

This is such a terrific idea! THANKS for organizing it -

-Deborah Freedman, contact AT deborahfreedman DOT net

Re: I'm in

Great! Welcome aboard.

Count me in

While I support my local library royally with my fines for overdue books, (the library is thinking of naming a shelf in my honor), I would love to participate in this. My blog: http://www.musingsonmichaelcrichton.com/ My email: Kahlessa(at)gmail(dot)com

Re: Count me in

Thank you!


Library challenge

May I add myself to your library blog challenge list? I'm a fairly established writer, but a new blogger--and I'm an ex-librarian myself, so I know how badly the money is needed. The library I'll fund will be the Aurora Public Library, which I used to work for and which is now closing branches because they're so short of cash. My name is Hilari Bell, my new blog is www.myspace.com/hilaribell then click on the blog entry.

Re: Library challenge

Welcome aboard!


I'm in, I'm in!

Count me in - I'd love to particpate! You can email me at ishtamerc AT gmail DOT com; my blog is www.ishtamercurio.blogspot.com What a great idea!

Re: I'm in, I'm in!

Thanks; I'll be in touch!
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