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February 2017

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Heifer for the Holidays

Remember our library-lovin' blog challenge? (I included the link just in case you don't!) My agent, Nathan Bransford, is currently running a similar challenge to benefit Heifer International.

The challenge is today-only, and this is impromptu, but I'm joining in. I'll also donate $1 per comment on my blog for the first 50 unique commenters (no 50 comments from the same person!).
EDITED TO ADD: Since I exceeded my goal in the allotted time, I decided to give $1 per comment for ALL the comments, and then round up. So you inspired me to donate $60 total! Which I did through Patrick Rothfuss's Team Heifer page, where there was a matching donation.

My challenge is now closed, but several people are still raising money, so you can still help!
This costs you nothing. If the spirit moves you, please do any or all of the following:

Go to Nathan's blog (I provided the link above); his own comment challenge is closed, but he has the list of all the other participating blogs, many of whom will have their challenges open for days to come.
Visit those other blogs listed at his post and leave comments there. Make them donate too! You have the power! ;-D
If you're still inspired to do more, spread the word about this via Twitter, Facebook, and whatever magical elves you may know who spread information.

This also won't be the last challenge you see from me: I'm planning to do a mini-library-challenge during my launch week in January, and then we'll reprise the big library-lovin' blog challenge later in the spring.


Merry Christmas!

What a great holiday event! Thanks for doing this, and Merry Christmas!