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April 2017

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The Secret Year: Basic Information

As promised, this is a reference post with information about The Secret Year. I'll update this post as necessary.

The Secret Year is my debut young-adult novel, officially released by Viking (Penguin). The synopsis: After his secret girlfriend’s death, seventeen-year-old Colt finds the notebook she left behind, but he is unprepared for the truths he discovers about their intense relationship. 

People have asked where they can find it, so here are some options:

Signed copies of the hardcover (shown below, on the left) can be ordered or picked up from Children's Book World (Haverford, PA) or Books of Wonder (NY).  The basic hardcover can be ordered from Amazon, IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, Powell's, etc.  Or you may wish to get it from your local bookstore or favorite independent.  If you order through the publisher, its Penguin page is here. The ISBNs are 978-0670011537 and 0670011533.

The paperback (shown below, on the right) is also available through independent bookstores (see IndieBound, Powell's, or your favorite local store), as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, PrintsAsia, Books-a-Million, etc. The paperback ISBNs are 978-0142417799 and  0142417793.

Requests for interviews, speaking engagements, guest blogs, blog tours, Skype presentations, etc., may be sent to jennifer[at]jenniferhubbard[dot]com. 


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The hook is really hooking! But I was wondering if there was a sample out there that I could read before I bought it? Because I live in Pakistan, and the bookstores are shamelessly understocked, and I can only order from Amazon.
The book's opening:
"Julia was killed on Labor Day on her way home from a party. I didn't get to see her that night, but I was never invited to the parties that she was invited to. We'd meet on the banks of the river, clutch at each other in the backseat of her car, steam up her windows and write messages and jokes to each other in the fog on the glass, and argue about whether to turn on the A/C. Sometimes we swam in the river late at night when the water was black and no one could see us. We did all that for a year, and nobody else knew."